La Digue

La Digue

With just 5 x 3 km La Digue is the smallest of the 3 main islands (but number 4 of all islands, as Silhouette is bigger and higher - but got less population). The highest mountain is 330meters and you can have a great view on both sides of the island. the population is approx. 2500

Life on La Digue is chilled. The main transport on the island are bicycles. In many of the guidebooks about Seychelles you will read that there are only about 4 cars and oxcarts serve as taxis... which was true... about 10 years ago. The oxcarts have been replaced by airconditioned taxis. With some luck you can see decorated oxcarts when there is a wedding on the island.

Unfortunately there is a lot of building activity on La Digue. Especially on this small island you will quickly realise. For building of course you need materials which are transported by Cargoboats from Mahé, and you will need machines and lorries to transport as well.
I feel like motorised vehicles have doubled in the last years. (Until now no private person shall own a car, but almost every accomodation got a clubcar, then there is police, firebrigade, and some more companies such as electricity and telephone companies. Big lorries serve as group-transports with wooden benches in the back, and a lot of locals got "fat bikes" (huge and fast E-bikes) and drive reckless
We dont want to scare you by telling you this, but rather we want you to know what to expect. La Digue still always worth a visit, especially the rock formations are unique. La Digue is like a little place where everyone knows everyone.

You can rent your bicycle directly on the harbour (also bicycle-taxis are available to drop your luggage to your accomodation). Most accomodations also rent bicycles

The price is 100 Scr per day and person for longterm (more than 2-3 days), or 150 Scr for a day visit. Meanwhile you can also rent electric bikes for around 400 SCR per day
Make sure you bring a lock for your bike (best to have a number lock, as keys can get lost). Not every bike rental offers locks, anyways, its not your fault if the bike is lost, but its a long way to walk back from Grand Anse to La Passe..
Make a Pre-Check if the breaks are working, and if the saddle got the correct hight. Remember when getting on or off the bike there might be a wide basket in the back (i saw lot of people falling from the bike as their leg got stuck with the basket)

If you just wanna do a swimming holiday, La Digue is not the perfect spot for you. Some beaches got a reef in front and with low tide there wont be much water, while other beaches can have high waves and dangerous currents.

La Digue is perfect for naturlovers, photographers, and people that like to chill or explore the island walking or by bike

Sightseeing on La Digue

you can find the perfect shot almost around every corner, just take your bicycle and roam around the island.

Anse Source d’Argentthis beach is world famous for its unique rock formations
Entrance via Lunion Estate Nationalpark >>> Beaches La Digue<<<

Lunion Estate Nationalpark here you can find Aldabra Giant Tortoises, a vanilla plantation and the individual steps on how to produce coconut oil.
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 6 am to 6 p.m. (you can still leave the park after 6p.m.)
Entrance fee: 115 Scr per person for the whole day, you can enter and exit multiple times on that day

Hike to Anse Cocosat the end of the beach you can find a natural saltwater pool  >>> Beaches La Digue <<<

Hike to Anse Marron, please do that hike only with a guide! >>> Anse Marron Tour <<<

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