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Lost Places

Attention: most of the lost places are on private properties!

Mahé Beach Hotel (former Sheraton Hotel)

Location: Mahé - Port Glaud

the most famous lost place in Seychelles. Located on the westcoast of Mahé. There is a security on the hotelentrance, so it wont be possible to visit, but you can take a picture from Port Glaud Beach.

Private Property!


Equator Hotel

Location: Mahé - Grand Anse

(northern end of the beach). About 200 meters after the supermarket, you take the paved road on your left, passing through a residential area until the end of the beach.

This was a beautiful hotel with an amazing view, in the meantime its completely overgrown. You can take some nice souvenir pictures from the road.

Reef Hotel

Location: Mahé - Anse aux Pins (opposite Golf course)

This resort was one of the first hotels in the Seychelles. It was opened in 1972 and had about 150 rooms. The hotel closed in 1990 and was bought by the Beachcomber hotel chain in 2001. The former facility is to be demolished and completely rebuilt. In a newspaper article of the "Seychelles News Agency" it is written: "About 34 million dollars are to be invested in the new construction.

Private Property, but you can take a picture from the road or the beach

Auberge Club Hotel

Location: Mahé - Bel Ombre

This former hotel complex is almost completely covered by jungle and is not immediately noticeable when driving past. The complex covers an area of more than 1.8 HA.

Attention: private property!


NYS Campus – Youth Village

Location: Mahé - Cap Ternay

past the Ephelia Hotel to the very end of the very narrow coastal road, you can park your car in front of the main entrance to the NYS. (By foot from Port Launay a long way with great views).

The former youth village of National Youth Service (NYS). Originally, a hotel was planned there with construction starting in 2008. Fortunately, nothing can be seen of it today except for the abandoned buildings of the Youth Village.

This Lost Place can be visited, and its also the access to Baie Ternay beach

Police Bay - Prison

Location: Mahé - Petite Police Bay

Follow the small paved road from Petite Police Bay (the sandy road directly behind Petite Police Bay leads to Grand Police Bay after about 10 minutes), after about 5 minutes there is an unpaved turn-off on the right, follow this for another 2-3 minutes and you will come to the former "Police Bay Prison" which is now mostly overgrown.

Venns Town / Mission Lodge

Location: Mahé - Sans Souci Road

Boarding school for children of freed slaves opened around 1876. Among other things, there were vanilla and patchouli plantations here.

Now you walk through a former blood tree avenue, past a few ruins that are still barely recognisable, to a great view point with a view over the west coast.


Entrance fee: 100 Scr per person

Bel Air Cemetry

Location: Bel Air (Victoria)

One of the oldest historic sites on Mahe. The cemetery was opened at the end of the 18th century. In 1862 it was buried by a landslide and some of the graves have only recently been uncovered. The monument at the entrance of the cemetery is supposed to indicate the size of the "giant" who, at only 14 years old, was allegedly killed (poisoned) out of fear by the neighbours and buried there.

Shangri-La Resort

Location: Long Island / St Anne Marinepark

This hotel complex on Long Island in St. Anne Marine Park was unfortunately never completely finished. Construction began in 2005 and should have been completed in 2008. The opening was then postponed again until 2011.

It should have been the first hotel with a cable car to take guests to the spa area and the wedding chapel at the highest point of the island.

Until now the project remains unfinished and nature is taking it back.

If you are interested, there is a video about that project: Shangri-La Video (c) Fazakas Építésziroda

New Emerald Cove Hotel

Location: Praslin - Anse la Farine

Former 4 star hotel on an almost deserted beach. Unfortunately no longer open since 2017/2018. When it became known that the hotel was closed, some people came to get spare parts, such as mattresses, doors, locks, etc. Everything that was not nailed down.

The easiest way to visit this overgrown hotel complex is by boat trip. There is also a very overgrown trail from Anse La Blague. ->  Anse La Farine Trail

La Vanille Hotel

Location: Praslin: Anse la Blague

2 Sterne Hotel am Strand von Anse La Blague.

stunning building, but very overgrown

Access is not allowed, but you can take a picture from the road.

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