Beaches Mahé

Beaches on Mahé

(some you should visit)

Anse Major

To reach here you have to make a small workout, as its at the end of the 45 minutes Anse Major Trail .Directly on the beach is boat operator "Happiness" (only with good weather and sea conditions), he makes trips between Anse Major and Bel Ombre/ Beau Vallon. Price is approx. 10-15€ per Person and trip.

The beach has rather pebbled coarse sand and is wonderful for swimming or snorkelling. 

There is a small stream and mostly a small fresh water lake.

Anse Marie Laure

This chic little beach is located between Beau Vallon and La Scala Restaurant, just after Bel Ombre School.

There are 2 cold streams flowing into the sea.

Especially in the morning big Takamaka Trees are providing shade.






Beau Vallon

The most famous beach on Mahé.

Here you will meet the most people and also got the most food/restaurant choices close to you.

You can do watersports, e.g. rent a Jetski or Banana Boat.

Especially during the months of June, July, August, the sea is rather calm and the shallow-sloping Beau Vallon is perfect for swimming then.

Takamaka trees provide plenty of shade and there is an area with an outdoor gym with various equipment

Beau Vallon is just a great spot for amazing sunsets.

Wednesday is the "Labrine Bazaar", a small market with various souvenir shops (bags, pareos etc), fruit juice stalls and barbeque stands. (also on the other days there are usually 1-2 takeaways on site). Between La Plage Restaurant and Savoy Hotel.

Anse aux Pins & Au Cap (Turtle Bay)

hardly any water at low tide and extensive sandbanks.

Very famous among locals to make BBQ on the beach on the weekends.

Here you will find, the Domaine de Val des Pres, the Craft Village (opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). und die Takamaka Rum Brennerei (Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Samstag 10-16.00)

Restaurant Maison Marengo (Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10a.m. to 3 p.m. and 7p.m. to 10 p.m.)

Fairyland & Anse Royal

Fairyland is the name of the enchanting little stretch of beach in front of Anse Royal. It lives up to its name. It's a wonderful photo opportunity, great for splashing around and there's great snorkelling off the small offshore island of "Ile Souris". 

With high tide unfortunately most of the beach is gone.

Right at the front of the street on Sundays there is a local cake vendor from "Danielles Cakes" with delicious things on offer! You should definitely try it! (e.g. banana cinnamon cake, papaya cake, jack or breadfruit cake).

Just a stone's throw away is Anse Royal, where locals like to picnic, especially at weekends.

Also here to water is a bit shallow and calm.

If you get hungry, you can get something to eat at the "Cafe Kreol" or lie down on the beach loungers with a cocktail and watch the hustle and bustle.

Anse Parnell (Surfers Beach)


known for the local restaurant "Surfers". Young locals occasionally come here to surf/bodyboard. Bathing shoes are highly recommended here as the surface of the water is coral/rocky.


Anse Capucins

a beautiful photo scene, but like almost all beautiful things, you have to work hard to get to this beach, which is very sweaty. The only way to get here is via the 1-hour hiking trail (sturdy shoes and enough to drink!!). Anse Capucins Trail

Anse Capucins is not suitable for bathing due to the current/surf/rocks in the water!

About halfway along the route, youpass by a beautiful little secluded beach - Anse Petite Marie Louise .

Anse Petite Boileau

The most southern point of Mahé is a beautiful and deserted beach, not suitable for swimming due to the currents and the surf. The way there leads uphill/downhill on a half overgrown paved road. Caution: currents and surf!

see: Trails


Grand Police Bay

Long, mostly deserted sandy beach, just under 10 minutes walk from Petite Police Bay along the sandy path.

Attention: currents and almost no shade


Petite Police Bay

great natural spectacle of the sea pumping over the offshore reef/rock. 


Anse Bazarca 

This beach has 2 faces. During the months of June, July and August, the beach almost completely disappears and the rocks below become visible. Every year, some turtles come here to lay their eggs. Not bathing both the currents and the rocks in the water are life-threatening! But very fascinating to watch.



Anse Intendance

Former home of the Banyan Tree Hotel. Mostly high and powerful waves. Absolute bathing prohibition when the flag is red, at your own risk when the flag is green. Please do not underestimate the power of the waves. This beach is also a popular spot for turtle egg-laying. There is a small fruit juice stand "Summer Bar"

Anse Soleil

Once one of my favourite beaches and an insider tip, unfortunately it has become rather crowded and it is difficult to find a parking space at the roadside. To get to the beach you have to cross a small beach restaurant.

Anse Louise

Beautiful beach, unfortunately little shade. At the end of the beach is the MAIA Hotel complex.

This beach is also a famous wedding-beach.

Anse Barbarons & Grand Anse

These two beaches offer a great natural wave spectacle and are not suitable for swimming due to the surf and currents. 

At the left end of Grand Anse is a river that ends in the sea and often makes for great colouring.

If you're lucky, you'll see the horses of Turquoise Horse Trails out riding on the beach, following the motto "leave nothing but hoofprints"....

Port Launay & Baie Ternay

very famous among locals on the weekend.

To reach Baie Ternay beach, you have to park your car in front of the gate of the former Youth Village and walk for about 10 minutes through the overgrown ruins. (The road to the beach is very narrow and there is little room to manoeuvre. Beware of oncoming traffic).

Anse Takamaka

also a beautiful beach in the south of Mahé. At the end of the beach is the hotel and restaurant "Chez Batista".

There are some giant tortoise too.

Anse Corail & Anse Cachee

also located in the south and not suitable for bathing. Not very well known due to its remoteness. Access unfortunately only via a fenced private property (Anse Corail) or via a private unfenced property with a small path (Anse Cachee).

Anse L’ilot

named after the small island "Lilot" diagonally opposite the beach. This small beach is located in the area of Glacis Beach. A sign on a bend in the main road indicates "Top Soleil Beach Grill", a small restaurant on the beach.

Sunset Beach

Small fine beach in the north with a great view of Silhouette. Some shade and mostly nice and quiet for swimming and snorkelling.

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