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Tickets for the paid trails and the Botanical Gardens can be purchased here:

Attention: cash payment is not possible!

Prices per person:

Copolia Trail : 100 Scr

Trois Freres Trail : 150 Scr

Morne Seychellois Trail: 250 Scr (with Guide only!) -> book your guide

Anse Major Trail: 150 Scr (not applicable yet)

Be aware that trails can become overgrown quite quickly if they are not used for a while, so if you are unsure, turn around. Basically, always let someone know which trail you are on and when you plan to be back. This is for your OWN SAFETY!

This does not apply to the trails marked by SPGA: Morne Blanc, Copolia, Trois Freres, Anse Major -> these are cut out regularly

Wir empfehlen festes Schuhwerk auf allen Trails, Trekkingschuhe oder Trekkingsandalen, ausserdem solltet ihr ausreichend Wasser dabei haben

Anse Major Trail

Start: Bel Ombre / La Scala Restaurant
elevation: 85 m
distance: 2,5 km
duration: approx 1h 15 mins
level: easy to medium

entrance fee: 150 Scr per person (Jan 2023 not applicable yet)


Great, varied walking trail with spectacular views in places. Anse Major is a beautiful beach and great for swimming. The sand here is different from all the other beaches, it is finely polished gravel sand. If you don't want to walk back, there is a taxi boat at the beach that runs regularly between the beach and Bel Ombre. (Price: about 10-15€ per person, it usually only runs in good weather!).

The trail is easy to find, just follow the extremely attractive double black and blue water line....

There is shade only in the first and last sections of the trail - in between, the sun burns down quite a bit.

Since the end of 2021, there is also a small bar/beach restaurant on the beach, as well as a shower and toilet



Copolia Trail


Start: Sans Souci Road
Elevation. 488m
Distance: 1,4km
Duration: 1 hour
Level: medium


This trail takes you up high. You should be fit for this!
The trail itself has some climbs and due to the altitude it is often slippery and wet. It goes right through the shady jungle. If you are lucky, you might spot a "tenrek" - a Seychelles hedgehog - on the way. Once on the lookout rock, you have a great view over the island capital Victoria, the harbour, the airport, Eden Island and you can see the islands of the offshore St. Anne Marine Park (St. Anne, Round, Long, Cerf, Moyenne). In the background you can see the outlines of Praslin and La Digue. The rare Seychelles carnivorous plant "Potao / Pitchers Plant" grows here.

This trail is the first paid trail in the Seychelles. Price: 100 Scr per person

Anse Capucins Trail


Start: Anse Forbans Chalets
Duration: 1 hour
Level: medium


This beautiful beach is nestled in the nature in the south of Mahé.
Great photo shot and mostly deserted. The trail goes to the southern tip of Mahé. On the way, you pass the equally deserted and beautiful Petite Marie-Louise. The trail is easy to find, first you enter an unpaved potholed road to the right of the Anse Forbans chalets, at the end you will find a granite rock on the left with the inscription "Beach". This is where the actual trail starts, on the way you will see 2 trails immediately behind each other that branch off to the right, one of them has the word "hike" sprayed in yellow on the rocks, this trail leads to Basin Diri, so keep left there.


Attention: The beach is not suitable for bathing due to rocks under water, current and partly heavy surf!

Special features: From October to January, if you are lucky, you can see sea turtles laying their eggs.


Basin Diri 


See description for Anse Capucins.

Turn right at the rock with the yellow inscription "Hike" and walk uphill until you reach a rock plateau where you will find a small natural water basin in which a few rice plants grow (hence the name Basin Diri = rice basin). From here I have a beautiful view over Grand Police Bay.

On the way, another trail branches off to the left (marking on a rock PB = Police Bay or GP= Grand Police), this trail leads to Police Bay, after a while you meet an old tarred road, turn left into Anse Petite Boileau, turn right into Police Bay.

Salazie Trail & Rosebelle Trail

Start: Sans Souci Road                                                           Elevation: 506m (Rosebelle 590m)                                                 Distance: 2,9km (1,2km)Duration: 1,5 hours                                                                                Level : easy (medium)


This trail, like many others, starts from Sans Souci Road (between Copolia and Casse Dent Trail). At the beginning, you follow a partly tarred road, which is crossed by many a small rivulet. After a short while you reach a yellow house. About 100m further on, in the sharp left-hand bend, you will discover a small path leading out onto a rocky plateau - here you have a great view of the highest mountain in the Seychelles, the "Morne Seychelloise" at 905m and in the direction of "Grand Anse". From there you return to the main path.

A little further on you will see the little house "Salazie Sub Station" of the PUC. (Shortly before this, a small trail leads away to the right along the river, this is marked with a barely visible yellow cross, so it is not an official trail. If you follow it downhill for 10 minutes, you will unfortunately not see a spectacular waterfall but only a water collection station of PUC, the way back is steep and sweaty).
IAt some point the trail crosses 2 small stone bridges and becomes single track. At a crossroads you can see a male Coco-de-Mer palm tree on the left, continue straight on steep and slippery for about 10 minutes to Fairview (La Misere Road) or take the Rosebelle Trail to the right up to the antenna on the way you will get some great nature photos and have a beautiful view over Victoria.


Attention: Rosebelle Trail is not an officially cleared trail


Dans Gallas Trail

Start: Le Niole                                                                            
Elevation: 516m                                                                                           distance: 2,5 km                                                                                            Duration: approx. 1,5 hours                                                                                    level: hard
Trail: Markierung von SPGA


This trail is a bit of a challenge, it is almost constantly steep uphill, over roots and steps. About halfway up, there is a small shelter with a great view over the Beau Ballon side, and from the top you have a view of both sides, Beau Vallon and Victoria all the way to the airport.

La Reserve Trail

Start: Bon Espoir (highest point of Montagne Posee Road)

Duration:below 1 hour

Level: easy


This trail is good for everyone, it is very easy and has hardly any ascent. The finish is a wooden platform with a view over Au Cap. (Shortly before the platform there is another trail that branches off to the right, at the beginning this trail has barrier tapes as markings around the trees, at some point the trail becomes insanely steep and slippery and you search in vain for further markings, the trail ends approx. 100- 200m before the road and you have to fight your way across the bush) -> Please do not try it!!!

Attention: The wooden platform is currently in an extremely poor condition!!! please do not enter!

Morne Blanc Trail

Start: Sans Souci Road                                                             Elevation: 630m Distance: 1,6 km                                                                                                duration: 1 hour                                                                                             level: hard                                                                                                    Tail: Markiert von SPGA

This trail only goes in one direction, uphill! Over rock steps and roots. The trail itself is not long, but it is incredibly steep and has many boulders! Shortly before you reach the lookout point, the vegetation changes, the trees are covered in moss and you have the impression of having landed in an enchanted fairytale forest. From the wooden viewing platform you have a view over Port Glaud, Port Launay, Therese Island etc.

Casse Dent Trail

Start: Sans Souci Road                                                              elevation: 495 m                                                                                          distance: 8 km                                                                                                Duration: 3-4 hours                                                                                  level: medium                                                                                            Trail: closed! -> not suitable for hiking

From this trail, you can get to "Mare aux Cochons" the
Pig pond, a small fresh water pond in the mountains, from there you can either go to Port Glaud (not that easy to find), to Le Niole or
to Bel Ombre (not that easy to find)

It takes about 2 hours to reach the pig pond. The path is partly overgrown and misleading (several junctions...) and the bridges are rotten.

THE TRAIL IS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT! -> not suitable for hiking


Mare aux Cochons Trail

Start: Bel Ombre or Le Niole                                                                                                     
Elevation: 530m                                                                       Distance: 6-9 km                                                                         Duration: approx. 4-5 hours                                                                    level: medium                                                                         Trail: teilweise von SPGA markiert, Markierungen teilweise unterm Moos versteckt oder ausgefärbt

Mare aux Cochon is a network of trails with different starting points, e.g. Bel Ombre, Le Niole, Port Glaud (trail start not marked) or Casse Dent (closed!).

From the bus terminus of Le Niole, cross a bridge for about 1 km until you almost reach the end of the road (if you come by rental car, park near the second bridge you cross, after that there is no more parking). The trail is partly tarred and stony and goes steadily uphill, on the way you will find lots of wild growing lemongrass on the side of the road (note for the way back: take a few bunches of lemongrass with you and make a delicious tea out of it). After about 20 minutes you will come to a crossroads where you turn left and continue up the mountain over the metal chain. After about 5 minutes, the path leads straight ahead to a house with many dogs.

(When starting in Bel Ombre, go straight up the hill at the sign for Anse Major, the entrance from the road is not marked, it is in a left-hand bend after a guesthouse. After about 50-100m you come to the ruins of a former cinnamon distillery, there is also a sign, but you will search in vain for signs the rest of the way. After about 30 minutes of wet, slippery and, above all, steep ascent, you reach a wider, stony path (coming from Le Niole).

On the way, you pass next to some streams.

Shortly after reaching the highest point, there is a small shelter on the right (it often rains up here...).

A short time later a small trail (Mont dor) turns off to the right, after 5 minutes you come to a river which you have to cross and after another 5-10 minutes you hear the sound of a small waterfall under a rock. From there you return to the main trail (if you follow the trail further you will eventually come out on the Port Glaud Trail, but not past the "Mare aux Cochons", besides the trail is quite overgrown towards the end and difficult to find).

From the main trail you come to another shelter in a clearing and at some point you suddenly find yourself in front of the pond which you can cross over a wooden footbridge (slippery!!). Afterwards, you have the choice of returning the same way (easiest option) or going via the Casse Dent Trail (currently closed) or the Port Glaud Trail (many markings are covered with moss and no longer visible).

When Ship Comes/ When she comes

Start: La Gogue Road (between Glacis and Anse Etoile on the highest point -> see photo with red arrow)

Duration: approx 1h per way

Level: easy to medium

Trail: first part until a viewpoint is marked with wooden arrows, after that a bit overgrown

After about 20 minutes, you come to the "Lookout" vantage point, where local Maxwell has built himself a little oasis of peace, cultivating a few banana palms, pineapples, lemongrass, papayas, etc. The singer often comes here with his guitar to practise. The singer often comes here with his guitar to practise. A little further up the trail there is a fork, on the right you go only a few metres up to an abandoned house, the left path across the clearing with the banana palms along the river leads to a water collection basin, from there the trail becomes a little more confusing, overgrown and above all steeper. At the end of the trail, after another 25 minutes, you reach an old military ruin on the top of the mountain with a great view over the St. Anne Marine Park, Eden Island, the airport, Victoria, etc. From there you can see every ship. From there you can see every ship that arrives or departs (hence the name "when ship comes").

Takamaka Rock Pool

Start: Anse
Takamaka / Chez Batista

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

level: medium

Rockpool is a small saltwaterpool within the granit rocks, who
frequently fills up with seawater. its not that easy to find it. you can swim in ist but only with low tide and a very calm sea (some people have been dragged into the ocean by incoming waves and died drowning) .

Shade can only be found higher up, directly by the pool the sun beats down mercilessly and it is sometimes too hot even to walk barefoot.

Please exercise extreme caution here, Rockpool is a sneaky beauty that should never be underestimated!


Anse Petite Boileau & Police Bay Prison Leftovers

Start: Petite Police Bay

duration: 1 hour

Level: easy to medium

Follow the small paved road from Petite Police Bay (the sandy road directly behind Petite Police Bay leads to Grand Police Bay after about 10 minutes), after about 5 minutes there is an unpaved turn-off on the right, follow this for another 2-3 minutes and you will come to the former "Police Bay Prison" which is now mostly overgrown.

If you follow the paved road for another 5-10 minutes, you will come to a gate that you can pass on the side, from here the road goes steadily uphill, the tarred road ends shortly before the beach itself, but the last few metres you have to fight your way through the bushes (keep to the right at the end of the road). The beach is mostly deserted, has little shade and is not suitable for swimming due to the surf and rocks in the water. However, it is definitely a beautiful photo motif.

Between October and January, with a bit of luck, you can spot sea turtles laying their eggs

Morne Seychellois

Start:Sans Soucis Road (SPGA Substation)

                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                  Duration: 6-7 hours                                                                                          Trail: only with Guide!

Entrance fee : 250 SCR per person

Price for guide incl. entrance (own travel!) 130€

>> book now <<

This trail is
a real challenge, all the way up to the highest point of Seychelles. the 905m high Morne Seychellois. The Trail ist just uphill

At one point you need a rope to pull yourself up a rock, it goes under and over fallen trees, and of course always uphill. Just before you reach the top the vegetation changes, it will become a bit foggy and damp. you might now be crossing the cloud cover, and just an eyeblink later you are up. You might suffer from musclepain the next day. The way down is not at all easier than the way up.

Here, not only the view is unique, but also the trail itself.

With a bit of luck, you have the chance to spot the tiny Seychelles frog.


Trois Freres Trail

Start: Sans Souci Road                                                                   Duration: approx. 1 h                                                                                                     level: medium                                                                                            Trail: Markiert von SPGA, kostet 150 Scr Eintritt pro Person

From the busstop, about 10minutes uphill
through a residential area. after that just follow the jungle trail, pass beside lemongras bushes and cross 2 small streams. During going uphill you can enjoy a nice view over St Anne Marine Park several times. We only encourage people to the the trail until the shelter (half way up).
The Trail until the cross
on top is not officially opened by national-park-workers, he is extremly steep and slippery, the last few meters to reach the cross you need to climb over rocks
(one wrong step...)

Ros Lepa /Ros Eskalye

Start: Port Launay Beach Duration: 45 min Level: medium

At the end of Port Launay beach, it is relatively easy to see the entrance to the trail, which goes up and down a little - relatively close to the coast. After a short while you have to cross a small beach which is only visible at low tide (I would not recommend this at high tide - the beach has really disappeared completely and the waves crash against the rock face). Shortly after, there is another beach, "Anse des Anglais", where you will find wooden steps in the bushes in the middle of the beach, leading to the Ephelia Hotel. The trail continues at the end of the beach, where you have to turn left. At some point the trail ends and you have to go down to the rocks, where you are directly in front of the stone staircase "Ros Lepa".

There are several myths surrounding this place. The steps are said to have been cut into the rock by hand long ago and to go down to the bottom of the sea. Other theories say that the steps were created by erosion.

The sea there is very choppy and unpredictable. As soon as you step onto the steps, the waves get higher and spill onto the steps. Please exercise extreme caution here!

Sauzier Waterfall

Start: Port Glaud                                                                                          Duration: 10 minutes

level: easy

The most famous waterfall on Mahé

You can park opposite the church at Port Glaud, Take the paved road to the left of the church along the mangroves, it goes slightly
uphill, then take the paved road next to the road. There is a cashier where non-locals have to pay an entrance fee of 50 Scr per person.

Just after that is another car park.. for the lazy ones among us :) From there its just another 5 minutes walk until you reach the waterfall. the basin is perfect for a little refreshment (Always keep an eye on your belongings)

Grand Anse Waterfalls

Start: Grand Anse gegenüber der Schule

Duration: approx. 1 h

Level: easy to medium

Coming from La Misere you will cross a brigde just before reaching the school in that corner you will take the smaller paved road on your right (its best to park your car down next to Grand Anse beach close to the playing field). After taking the paved road, you take the first paved road on your right and keep right. after 2-3 minutes there is a small trail down to the river (very slippery!) you can already hear the sound of the small waterfall from here. ´follow the road for another 15 minutes, passing by an old abandoned house, and cross the river. in the next left turn you will see a small trail going straight, this one will lead you down to waterfall number 2 (slippery and steep)

 swimming is not allowed here, as the water is collected further down.

Bel Ombre Waterfall

Bel Ombre Waterfall

Start: Bel Ombre
Duration: 1 min
level: easy

Coming from Beau Vallon, take the road towards Bel Ombre / La Scala Restaurant. After a few minutes, you will see the Bel Ombre Primary School on the right-hand side of the road. After the school, take the first turning on the left (towards Marie Laure Apartments), then take the first road on the right (towards Forest Lodge). You can park on the right-hand green strip before the bridge with metal railings. Just cross the bridge and after about 30 metres you will see a small path on the left and can already hear the small waterfall.

Cascade Waterfall

Start: Cascade Church (with rental car you can drive up to a small football field and park there).
Duration : 30-45 min
Level: medium
Take the road by the church in the village of Cascade, pass the school and keep right until you come to a "soccer field" on the right side of the road. Here you can park. Take the tarred road past the soccer field on the right, over the bridge and then turn directly left onto the trail. Now comes the strenuous part 300 uneven steps zigzagging up. Shortly before the end of the steps turn right into the jungle path. After about 5 minutes you can already hear the small waterfall splashing. A few minutes further uphill there is a water basin with a kind of dam that is flooded when it rains a lot. (Attention the waterfall shows itself only with much rain in and if the reservoir overflows in its full splendor).

Mont Sebert

Start: Cascade Church (with rental car you can drive up to a small football field and park there).

As of Feb 2023, currently a little overgrown and there are a few fallen trees, better with guide!

Duration: approx. 1 h

Level: medium to hard

Hight: about 500m

At the football field follow the road uphill, before the fenced PUC station take the steep road to the right and after the slight left turn you can already see the start of the steps on the right. Walk just under 500 metres until you reach the last houses, pass between the two houses and follow the path. Almost at the top, take the path to the left and climb up to the rock plateau (the path straight ahead would lead to Anse aux Pins, but it is quite overgrown).

Only in dry weather! The rock plateau can be insanely slippery

Anse Major – Baie Ternay

Start: Bel Ombre /Anse Major

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Level: medium

Trail: not cut out, not official, please ONLY with guide

From the beautiful Anse Major, there is a small trail across the mountains to the former Youth Village in Baie Ternay. The path is partly marked by yellow or white dots, barrier tape and plastic bottles on branches. As it is very rarely used, a machete is an advantage to cut through the bush at all. There are some great viewpoints along the way and unfortunately also many misleading paths.

Mission Lodge / Venns Town


Not really a trail but rather a viewpoint along Sans Souci road. You can park just next to it. There are a few signs with the history of the place and, in good weather, a great view. To get there, you have to go through a "former blood tree avenue". If you are very attentive, you might find the clove-tree just before the viewpoint.

Entrance fee: 100 Scr per person

Tea Tavern Glacis

Start: Sans Souci Road / Tea Factory

Duration: 15-20 min

level: easy

Short hike through the tea plantation with great views. Here you find the Pitchers Plant/ Potao/ Pitcher Plant

Rochon Dam Viewpoint

Start: Sans Souci Road / Greek Ambassy

Duration: 1 min

level: easy

Viewpoint Rochon Dam, one of Mahé's water supplies and over Victoria, Airport and St Anne Marine Park. Parking is available in the bend in front of the Greek Ambassy and then just follow the unpaved road on foot

Signal Hill / Ros Gorilla (Gorilla Rock)

Arriving here, you feel like you've been transported to a Super Mario game scene. Deep green grass with occasional light granite rocks. A beautiful and quiet place. At one point you have a view over Victoria and the harbour.


From here you can hike on to Ros Gorilla, a rocky plateau with views over Beau Vallon

Dan Sours

a small recreational area in the south of Mahé on the secondary road between Baie Lazare and Bougainville, up in the mountains.

Here there is a landscaped circular path around the lake with a few places to sit.

With a bit of luck you can see terrapins "Torti Soupap".

Swimming is forbidden!

You want to explore places that no one else knows about? Then write to us, we have the perfect guide for you, whether it's viewpoints far off the official trails, old "pirate spots" or hidden waterfalls.

(We will not publish any pictures of them for the time being as they are no longer "secret spots").

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