Beaches Praslin

Strände auf Praslin


Anse Lazio

The most famous beach on Praslin, Seychelles 2nd largest island.

Anse Georgette

This beach is a big harder to visit, as its part of Lemuria Hotel
Either you can come by boat, or you need to ask entrance permission from the hotel, or you can take a hike to get there.
You can call the hotel reception on: 00248-4281281 or 00248-428106 (if you dont have a local simcard, ask your accomodation to call them)
Following informations will be required: name, amout of persons, citizenship, day you want to visit (morning or afternoon), accomodation
If you got the permission by the hotel, you can either take the bus until Anse Kerlan, or drive your rental car until almost the main entrance of the hotel, then another 20 minutes hike along the golf course
Hike: the Trail starts from Mont Plaisir and is partly marked







Cote Dor/Anse Volbert

Anse Volbert is a 3 km long beach which is perfect for a beach walk, as long as there is low tide, with high tide the water can cover almost the whole beach.

The sea is shallow with very small to no waves, but be careful as there can be sandcoloured rays sleeping in the sand, so watch where you put your feet.

Anse Volbert is a great location for boat excursions, such as Curieuse or Cousin Island (attention not every provider you meet on the beach is serious or got a license, dont give a deposit on the beach)

The are several Shops, Supermarkets, Restraurants and Boutiques close by. Also a bank and moneychanger and atm.

This beach is famous for sandflies, unfortunately there is not much you can do to protect yourself against their bites.

If you feel them biting you, best solution is to look for another spot to go. you can treat the bites with Calaminde or Caladryl Lotion (available in the pharmacy or some souvenir shops)

Grand Anse


Anse Kerlan


Anse Boudin


Anse La Blague

Anse la Farine

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