Seychelles Dogs

Seychelles Dogs (or Lisyen local)

After getting more and more calls and mails, just a short info -> i do not work for any animal shelter, and mostly i can only help with providing phone numbers. i am not able to transport animals from one place to another.

One issue that is very close to my heart and for which I myself am committed as far as possible is:the suffering of the animals especially the dogs here on the islands.
The ideas on how to keep dogs are absolutely not up to European standards. I see many dogs chained on heavy boat anchor chains or locked up in tiny cages... all their lives!

Spaying/neutering... what is that good for? And it also costs money. And anyway, "who castrates you?" are the typical reactions of many locals.
Males tend to be more popular as they would never come home pregnant.
Generally, people pay a lot of attention to pedigree dogs, e.g. shepherds, boxers, Rottweilers etc. Mixed breed dogs are rather unpopular and usually end up as beach or street dogs.
Puppies are simply abandoned or thrown in or next to the rubbish bin.
Ich selber habe mittlerweile schon einige Welpen aufgenommen, versorgt, entwurmt, entfloht und vermittelt. Es ist alles andere als einfach! (Und dies auf eigene Kosten.)
My dog Nahla was found outside the Banyan Tree Hotel on Mahe when she was just under 3 months old and came to Myriam from Seychelles Pet Haven Society... from where I then imported her to La Digue.
There is no veterinary care either on La Digue or on Praslin. The shelter is full of dogs that will probably never be adopted.

Seychelles Pet Haven Society

a so-called NGO, i.e. a non-governmental organisation that bears all costs alone and depends on donations. The founder is Myriam Hoareau. After a lot of back and forth, the organisation has now been given a small plot of land next to the motorway between Providence and the airport to set up their no-kill animal shelter there (so far, all the dogs collected have been cared for at the members' homes until a good place has been found). Of course you can also visit the shelter, the dogs are always happy about a few cuddles and treats 🙂

Pet Haven can best be reached by telephone or via Whatsapp: 00248-2791119

Would you like to donate a small amount to Pet Haven Society via Paypal?

You want to adopt a dog from the Seychelles? How does that work?


First of all, you have to find somewhere to keep the dog for this time (friends, relatives or at Seychelles Pet Haven Society or Seychelles Animal Welfare Society / Elsezare Pet Travel, costs from about 100 Scr per dog per day).

1.  The dog needs a microchip (approx. 15€) and a rabies vaccination (approx. 15€). This can be done from 12 weeks of age. (There is no rabies in the Seychelles, but they are not listed as a rabies-free country, so the vaccination is necessary). Also a basic immunisation against parvo virus (3x each approx. 15€).
2.  A blood sample is taken at the earliest 30 days after vaccination (costs approx. 260€), the sample must be sent to an independent laboratory in England.
3.  3 months after the bloodsampling (provided the vaccination has taken effect) and about 120 hours before the expected arrival in Europe, the dog needs a final vet check and documents issued by the vet. After that, the dog is ready to leave the country. (approx. 40€), the export permit is only valid for 10 days.
4.  If you can't pick him up yourself, you need "flight companion" who will check him in on their ticket and pick him up in the destination country and hand him over to you. (There are no costs for the flight companion)

Not all airlines will carry dogs.
The whole process takes minimum 4-5 month

During stopovers, a rest period for the dog must be observed, which varies according to the airline.
Observe the size of the permissible dog crate (crate must comply with IATA regulations).
You can buy flight boxes in one of the 2 pet supply shops here locally, depending on the size a box is around 100€-200€.
Seychelles Animal Welfare/ Elsezare Pet Travel offers an all-round export service. Cost approx. 1300-2000€ incl. dog care for the complete period, veterinary costs, documents, flight box and flight itself.

Please note: with Condor, the dog can only be booked online up to 48 hours before departure, otherwise only by telephone if you have an accommodating employee on the phone.

Straydogs/Beachdogs do`s and dont`s

- Do not take animals into the your accomodation... If they run after you, push them away as hard as you can. Many shelters have to take measures against strays (and unfortunately this is often poisoning).

- I always carry a packet of dry food and a bottle of tap water in the car and if I see a stray (especially the thin ones) I stop and give them something to eat. (Of course, this is only an option if you have a rental car).

- if you see an injured/neglected dog contact NBA (National Biosecurity Agency: 00248- 4324000 or 2822936.

Or Seychelles Pet Haven Society via Whatsapp: 00248-2791119 (of course you can also contact them with donations... almost everything is needed...). Collars, medicines, vitamins, food bowls, bandages, money donations).
Founder Myriam Hoareau loves animals with her heart and soul. For her, this is more than a job... it's her life! That's why she works 6 days a week unpaid at the shelter.

- There is no veterinary care on La Digue. However, there is Rita from "the Blue House Seychelles" who has taken in about 30 strays and finances everything with her own money (renting out the house to dog-loving tourists - which is prohibited according to the latest status, as she needs a separate entrance for the guests, separated from the dogs). Rita also has a Paypal Donation Account

-On Praslin there is a veterinary nurse but no official vet.

- On Mahe there is a veterinary practice in Union Vale (not far from Victoria) that is open from Monday to Sunday.

Paw Links Vet Care:
Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 4 p,m. to 7.30 p.m. (times might change)
Saturday and Sunday 9a.m to 12.30p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
(closed on Public Holidays)

00248-2818971 oder 00248-2818970

- Since the end of 2021 (postponed for the 3rd time...) there is a new law "Dog Control Act".
Dogs must be microchipped and registered. Random visits will be made to check the housing conditions.
für sterilisierte Hunde wird eine Gebühr von 50Scr fällig. für unkastrierte 500scr.
The microchip should enable the owner to be identified if the dog is picked up on the street.

- if you fall madly in love with a dog/cat and want to give them a great life in Europe, then look above in the text "Adopt a Seychelles dog".

Seychelles dogs are great hardy, playful dogs with lots of stamina. Mixed breeds of all sorts... I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the world. 😍🐾

Many dogs trust tourists (food, petting) and are afraid of locals (objects often fly after them...).
I have never seen a single stray dog here that was aggressive or belligerent.
Whoever is still afraid for some reason: just take a small branch in your hand and wave it... most dogs run away because of their sometimes bad experiences.

Maxi -- the dog that started it all.

Maxi met me in October 2016 on the beach of Cote dor on Praslin. She had 2 ugly bloody open spots around her neck where a cord had obviously been "burnt".

It was love at first sight! I found out who her "owner" was and bought her from him for 2000 Scr (about 130€). He wasn't interested in her anyway... I took her with me to La Digue. Unfortunately she died in April 2018 (heart worms or poisoned - unfortunately there is no vet on La Digue who could have solved this mystery).


Malou – my little bouncing ball

One dog is enough... that was my opinion until a friend who had just had puppies showed me Malou.... A bit of company for Maxi would also be nice... so in June 2017, the 3-month-old Malou joined the family.


I saw Nahla on the Facebook page of the Seychelles Pet Haven Society... but a third dog? that's too much... shortly afterwards fate struck... Maxi died and 3 month old Nahla was lucky enough to get a new home from May 2018. Thank goodness she had not yet been placed in the meantime.

Gipsy & Jack

The two came to me in the course of a sterilisation campaign on La Digue in July 2018 when they were about 3 months old... as a foster home until a good new home could be found for them. They were very shy and Jack in particular wouldn't let me touch him. Gipsy was adopted by a great family on Mahe. Jack became my dog no. 3 😉

In addition to my own dogs, there were always foster dogs that I picked up somewhere on the street and have been able to place successfully so far.

one of them was Bobbya soul of a dog, whenever he saw me on the streets of La Digue he came running to get his daily petting and followed me around for a while.
Holidaymakers fell in love with the great male and so he stayed with me for a few days and was sent to Mahe for his exit documents. In March 2019, after long months of waiting, he was reunited with his new family in Germany.


I found this sweet little mouse not far from home... alone and crying in the rain on the street.

She had inflamed paws and skin problems. After 1 week she was placed on La Digue.


also a dog from La Digue
She was seen daily in La Passe, due to her eye infection I sent her to Mahe to Seychelles Pet Haven Society who took care of her medical needs.
A holidaymaker from Germany fell in love with her... in September 2019 she flew to her new home

Susi, Strolch, Mama & Brokkoli

Susi and Strolch (approx. 8 weeks old) I also found on La Digue in April 2019, next to the road obviously abandoned! on a small tarpaulin with a bowl of water next to it. I took them home and fed them up, after about 1 week I took them to the stall for the first time... where a dog, also not yet old, greeted us happily and let the little ones drink directly... it was their mother. She followed us home. On the same day I received a message from Seychelles Pet Haven, saying that tourists had found a puppy on La Digue and wanted to adopt it to Germany... (one dog more or less didn't matter any more... so all of a sudden I had 7 dogs on the veranda). The mummy accepted Broccoli (about 6 weeks old) as her own puppy.

Then the team of 4 went on a big trip to Mahe for one day... to sterilise mummy and vaccinate the puppies.

The mother together with Susi and Strolch found a home on Praslin.

Broccoli flew to her new family in Rosenheim at the end of October


I found him on the side of the road, motionless and completely exhausted... he had already given up. Just in time... 1-2 days later he would probably have starved to death... Very slowly I was able to bring the malnourished dog home, step by step
(for me the worst... he was neutered and had a cord around his neck, he was not a stray, he was abandoned!!!). He had a severe eye infection and massive skin problems.

After 1 week of good food, veterinary care and lots of love, his joy for life returned.

he also found a home.

Coco (Kenzie)

The sweet mouse was foraging next to rubbish bins on Sans Soucis Road, covered in ticks and fleas.

Within a few days she was placed in a dream home


Pet Haven received messages from holidaymakers concerned about 2 puppies in bad condition at Anse Soleil. Unfortunately, the brother could not be found and when I asked at the restaurant at Anse Soleil, I got the answer "he must have died". At least little Soleil could be rescued and placed.


I also found this boy next to the dustbin where I found Coco. He was more skinny than any other dog I had ever seen before and stank like hell. He refused food. He had to stay at the vet for 5 days before I could take him home, unfortunately he continued to more or less refuse food. His joy of life came back, but his organs were probably already too weak. He died in my arms on the way to the vet.

RIP Nacho (you would have become my dog number 4)

some cases from Seychelles Pet Haven Society

Myriam, the founder of Pet Haven, found the brown and white dog next to the road. He was completely infested with ticks... no one paid any attention to him, so she loaded him into the car and took him to the vet where the ticks were removed. Unfortunately he had lost a lot of blood (there is no blood for dogs here) and he died the same night.... RIP

The beige dog was found by holidaymakers on Praslin, unfortunately there is no medical care there and the dog cannot be caught to transport it to Mahe.

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