Beaches La Digue

Beaches on La Digue

Grand Anse


The setting of this beach is just breathtaking.

White sand beach, turqouise water, granit boulders - like on a postcard
To get there, you have to cycle over a small mountain. But it's doable (and even pushing, it's not even 10 minutes uphill). From November to April, the wind comes from the other side of the island and you can usually swim there. (Can vary from day to day, of course. The power of the waves should not be underestimated).

In the months of May to October, swimming there can be life-threatening due to extreme surf with high unpredictable waves and sometimes undercurrents!
There is shade only from about 2 p.m. onwards.

For the small hunger in between, there is a restaurant "Lanbousir Coco" which mainly offers buffet.
Sunday afternoon you can find lot of locals enjoying the beach

Petite Anse

Accessible from Grand Anse in about 5-10 minutes on foot over a small hill. The trail is located behind the 2 single granite rocks just before the left end of the beach. You cross a bridge (great photo!) and then it is already uphill (keep right!!!).
The Petite Anse is as beautiful as Grand Anse. However, there are usually fewer people here.
For current and shade, the conditions are the same as in Grand Anse. There are people drowning here almost every year!!!

Anse Cocos


Also an absolute dream beach. (Trail to Petite Anse and then follow the path behind the fruit stand - it winds roughly parallel to the beach. A short way inland over 2 mini wooden bridges and then keep to the right and over the mountain. Approx. 20 min). When you reach the beach on the right, there is shade from about 10am (so it makes sense to start with Anse Cocos and visit Petite and Grand Anse on the way back). At the left end of the beach is a natural seawater pool that invites you to swim. The main beach is not suitable for swimming due to currents/rocks/surf, but even more so for photos.
From here you can continue to Anse Caiman, if you like

Anse Caiman


Relatively unknown beach for tourists. It is also only about 30m long. But it has a great natural pool, especially at high tide.
There are 2 ways to reach here:
From Anse Cocos: where the first rocks of the natural pool begin, a small path leads into the bushes. About 10 minutes over the hill. (At the top there is a kind of crossroads - go straight on to the left and within 1 minute you will be on an old road made of stacked granite blocks).
From Anse Fourmis: only possible at low tide, approx. 20 min through the water, wear bathing shoes! Halfway there, you pass a hidden beach whose name I have not yet been able to find out (some say it disappears depending on the season and therefore has no name).
I strongly advise against the rock/jungle trail! It has hardly any markings and even experienced people sometimes don't find the way straight away (sometimes larger crevices, caves etc.).

Anse Fourmis


The beach at the "end of the road". Relatively much shade due to numerous takamaka trees. A leaning palm tree on the beach that makes a great photo. As the ground in the water consists mostly of rocks and coral, I recommend wearing water shoes for splashing around. At low tide, the water is extremely low.

Anse Banane


Known for its restaurant "Chez Jules" which serves the best octopus salad on the island. (Noon to 4pm, evenings by reservation only, transfer can be arranged for an extra charge. Large portions!)
The beach itself is directly on the road, and water shoes are recommended here as well. The water is extremely low at low tide and the substrate is rocks and coral.
Between Anse Fourmis and Anse Banane there are a some giant tortoises running free - keep your eyes open!

Anse Grosse Roche

Not directly on the road, little shade, otherwise about the same conditions as Anse Fourmis.


Anse Gaulette

Attention: dangerous currents!

Anse Patates


small but very beautiful!
Getting into the water is a bit difficult as the bottom is rocky and can be slippery, so wear water shoes for a better grip. Anse Patates is the only beach where there is enough water to swim even at low tide (if Grand Anse is not available due to the current).
Between November and May higher waves can occur due to the wind, please be careful then!
Good for snorkeling.

Anse Severe

Popular beach especially for sundowners. There are several fruit bars spread across the beach (juice 100Scr).
Coral underground in the water again, therefore water shoes.
Wenig Wasser bei Ebbe. Gut zum Schnorcheln. (Achtung Bootsverkehr hinter den Felsen im Wasser).
2 Schildköten (Mango und Papaya) leben dort frei und werden von den fruchtigen Überresten der Fruchtbars angelockt.
its a famous spot among the locals on sundays

Anse Reunion

Nice to cool off (although the water is rather warmer here due to the offshore reef). From here you can see the sunset, otherwise it's more like a 0815 beach with little shade.

Anse Source d’Argent


The most famous Seychelles beach. And one of the most photographed worldwide. Gigantic granite formations the like of which cannot be found anywhere else on the island or in the Seychelles. To get here, you have to pass through the L'Union National Park (entrance fee Scr 115 in cash). There is an old cemetery, traditional coconut oil production, turtles, vanilla plantation, old colonial house - if you go to the beach there, you get a great photo motif. The park opens at 6 am, you can always get out. The entrance ticket is valid all day and can be used several times during the day.)
Aprrox 80-90% of the weddings are taking place on that beach.
You should be there before 10.00 or after 16.00 to avoid the day trippers. Between October and March, many cruise ships (on Mahe e.g. Aida, Costa etc..) arrive for day trips.
the most crowded beach on La Digue, but still a highlight. And you can also have great sunsets from here. There are fruit bars all over the beach.

Anse Marron

The best we kept almost untill the end..
There is hardly a beach that can even come close to this one. It is an absolute dream beach, consisting of an open sea beach (swimming possible approx. Dec-Jan and also nice for snorkelling) and a natural seawater pool. I don't think I have as many photos of any other beach as of this one.
It is STRONGLY recommended that you take a guide for the following reasons:
The path goes partly over the beach, through the water, over rocks, underneath, in between and through the forest, those who do not know the path may not find it. Also, some crevices are critical and no ambulance can get there and the helicopter and boat cannot land there either!
The guide explains flora / fauna and a few stories from earlier times along the way.
People have also mysteriously disappeared without a trace in the Seychelles.
You need to know the tides
The guides live from tourism and this is their only source of income, which we should also support.

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Anse Pierrot

Located at the end of Anse Source d'Argent and only accessible via the waterway and at low tide. Most of the time you are alone there, except when the groups come back from Anse Marron, but they only pass by briefly. Not suitable for swimming



Anse aux Cedres & Anse Bonnen Karre


Merciless sun. Only accessible via rocks and water, bathing is not possible

Anse Songe und Grand L´Anse


The neighbour beaches of Grand Anse are also stunning.

Almost no shade, and swimming is not possible here.

To reach there you can take the small trail at the end of the paved road leading to Grand Anse. Its about 15-20 minutes walking

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