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Hikes on Praslin

Be aware that trails can become overgrown quite quickly if they are not used for a while (e.g. Salazie Trail), so if you are unsure, turn around. Basically, always let someone know which trail you are on and when you plan to be back. This is for your OWN SAFETY!

Mont Plaisir – Anse Lazio

Duration: approx. 30- 45 minutes

level: medium to easy

Beautiful and relatively easy hike. Take the public bus to the final stop "Mont Plaisir" and then continue along the wide unpaved road, briefly uphill, then downhill, the wide road ends in front of a private house with a beautiful flower garden, a clearly visible trail branches off to the right in front of the house. (You can of course also do the trail vice versa, but there it is clearly more uphill).

The trail ends on a small part of Anse Lazio Beach, close to the "Honesty Bar"


Mont Plaisir – Anse Georgette

Duration: approx. 45-60 minutes

Level: medium


Of course, you can also get to Anse Georgette through the Lemuria Hotel, but you need a "transit permit" (i.e. the accommodation has to call the hotel and register the guests, only a certain number of non-hotel guests are accepted per day, but you are still not allowed to drive into the hotel with your car, you have to leave it in front of the gate and then walk about 20-30 minutes across the golf course).

The hiking trail also starts in Mont Plaisir and is marked (you don't usually need a guide to find it). At first it is relatively steep uphill, and once there you have a great view over the airport of Praslin and the neighbouring islands of Cousin and Cousine, and in good weather you can see Mahe in the background. Downhill there are always small junctions to the right to viewpoints from where you can see Anse Lazio and Curieuse. The last part of the path goes high above the sea until it goes steeply downhill again, past a double swing down to the beach. You can walk back comfortably and without any problems through the hotel.

Anse Lazio – Anse Georgette

Duration: 1-1,5 hours

Level: medium

Not recommended as stretches are slippery, confusing and totally overgrown with no marking

Salazie Trail

Duration: approx. 1 h

Level: medium

Start or End: Cote dor (Road opposite Muriel Guesthouse)

Start/ End: Grand Anse (the road passing by Britannia Hotel)

once across the mountain to the other side of the island. The trail is quite overgrown in parts and after a lot of rain a section is under water.

Shortly before leaving the forest path and re-entering civilisation towards Grand Anse, the Pasquere Trail branches off to the right towards Anse Possesion.

06.2022 partly quite overgrown and not always visible

Pasquere Trail

Duration: approx. 1 h

Level: easy to medium

Relatively well seen trail between Anse Possesion/ Anse Pasquere and Grand Anse (can be connected with Salazie Trail to Cote dor).

Anse La Farine Trail (ruine of former "New Emerald Cove Hotel) )

Duration: approx. 1 h

Level: medium

This hike starts at the end of Anse La Blague, just before the end of the road at Seahorse Villa, there the steep tar road up, from here you have a wonderful view of the neighboring islands' La Digue, Sister, Coco, Felicite, Marianne & Ave Maria

Anse La Farine is perfect for swimming and snorkeling

Attention: some of the ruins are at risk of collapsing

the small entrance to the trail is a bit hard to find, the trail itself is quite slippery.

dont forget to bring moskito repellent

Glacis Noir

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Level: medium

Entrance Fee: 100 SCR (https://www.spga.gov.sc/tickets/)

Start: (from Grand Anse) approx. 100 m after Valle de Mai, right side of the road, opposite the bus stop

This trail is really only uphill. First on an unpaved wide road, which becomes a small trail after a small picnic hut. After the sweaty climb, you are treated to a great view over the harbour, La Digue, the Sister Islands, Coco, Felicite and Marianne.

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